She cried out in pain and tried to get up. I just loved being in this room. Topic: EROTIC FANTASIES Note 13 of 20 Responses: 1 From: CRUSK Date: 20-OCT-1990 Time: 14:21:40.38 Subject: leftovers Topic: EROTIC FANTISIES Note 14 of 15 Responses: 10 From: CRUSK Date: 18-APR-1990 Time: 12:46:30.79 Subject: a new one OK, I'm bored, so let's just see what I can 'come' up with. ) You sleep in my arms all night and I awake with your head on my sholder and my right arm around you. Since I have very large, firm breasts with very prominent nipples, I decided on a silk beige blouse and matching high-slit wraparound linen skirt. Yes, I love to be nude. At first I was taken aback by your bold approach, but something within me relaxed my legs and my knees fell slightly apart, inviting you to advance further. " he grunted. Please don't ever stop. "Wanna play.